Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ShipCombat Multiplayer – reinvention of battleships game

ShipCombat Multiplayer comes in as another rendition of the classic pen & paper battleships game which we all loved/love and with some cool features. In the game you have to position your fleet and battle vs Android (mobile device) to gain or lose stars which determine which rank you gain throughout the game.

Click Singleplayer and your ship positions will be presented to you. You can manually move the ships or you have a handy shuffle button that will arrange the ships until you’re satisfied with their positions. You are also given the option for the size of your fleet which can range from the normal 5 ships to 10. After your fleet is set, hit start and you will be presented with your battlefield and a crosshair. Gameplay is simple, it’s not bloated with all these extra settings and fancy addons, it’s just straight to the point - blow the hell out of your opponent.

The Android fires back quickly, and sometimes very accurately, which makes the game rather challenging. Of course, the goal is blowing up your opponents ships with accuracy. If you win, the higher the accuracy - the more stars you‘ll get. With a maximum of 5 stars win/lose per game.

Multiplayer adds the ability to play with any other players which are online at the moment. You can bet stars and win twice as much or lose them. While you are waiting for the opponent to make his move, you can write him a personal message using the built-in chat which is only available in multiplayer mode.

High scores can be submitted online, and will show you your current rank among other players. Click on any player‘s name to see his stats.

★ Collect stars and earn ranks
★ Play online with other players
★ Bet stars and win twice as much
★ Nice interface
★ 2 types of rules (fleet of 5 or 10 ships)
★ Manual / Random fleet positions
★ Online High Scores
★ Invite friends to play
★ Battle statistics
★ App2SD

The game is a great time killer, while on your coffee break.

WARNING: Very addictive and fun! :)

You can download this game from Android market for free:


It is ad supported, but can be removed via PayPal.

Video of the gameplay:

Some in-game screens:

Friday, May 20, 2011

ShipCombat goes Multiplayer!

With a lot of coding and testing, finally ShipCombat Multiplayer (BETA) is out!

ShipCombat is based on classic battleships game where you have to position your fleet (5 or 10 ships) and battle vs android (mobile device) to gain or lose stars which determine which rank you gain throughout the game.

Multiplayer added the ability to play with any other players which are online at the moment. You can bet stars and win twice as much or lose them. Manual fleet position gives you the ability to place your ships the way you want.

Recent changes:
- Play online with other players
- Bet stars and win twice as much
- Random/Manual fleet positions
- In game chat with your opponent

Download it from Android Market:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New version of ShipCombat is out!

- Improved target positioning
- Added delay when Android fires
- Increased random fleet shuffle speed
- Changed toast design and position in gameplay.

Download it from Android market.

Friday, March 25, 2011

New Game - ShipCombat a classic battleship game

ShipCombat is based on classic battleships game with cool features.

- Nice interface
- 2 types of rules
- Random fleet positions
- Collect stars
- Earn ranks
- Online High Scores
- Compete with other players
- Battle statistics
- App2SD

Unlimited free play supported by ads.
For all Android versions.

Destroy ships before enemy sinks yours!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Diaro - diary writing - New Update

New update is out and ready to be downloaded from the Android Market!

Update contains:
custom tags for every entry;
search by tags;
added tags in the entry view;
some other tweaks;
and fixed some bugs.

If you don't have access to the Market you can download it from http://diaro.itesta.com
Questions or suggestions are welcome.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quick AppRemover update

After some complains about FC (Force Close) on Quick AppRemover. We have released a new version and fixed some minor bugs:

Fixed crash when tapping sort buttons while apps are loading;
Fixed widget launch bug;
Fixed share link via e-mail. Now it works properly, and the recipient can open app page in market directly from e-mail.

Diaro - diary writing - New Updates

Last week was intense with updates :). There were several updates with new features and bug fixes especially on Android 1.5.

What we have done in latest updates:
V1.4.3 - V1.4.5
Fixed some minor bugs.
Fixed bug for Android 1.5.


Fixed List of entries positioning bug;
Fixed Social Networks refresh bug.

Fixed bugs.

Added list view scroll with loader;
More share options;
Improved app speed and performance;
Improved UI;
Removed default notification bar icon.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Diaro - diary writing UI update

Updated Entry List screen:

Changed category color position

Updated Entry view screen:

Removed gallery after text and added to the bottom of the screen.
Change langeliu background with plain white/grey color with rows and category color on the left side.
Moved entry date to the top of the screen (more space to write).
Added some shadows and corrections.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

New Year is the perfect time to start writing a diary and to start using "Diaro - diary writing" app. We hope that will really help it to capture your life moment. Never needs to write it down on the paper and all your data are in one place. You can search throught all diary to find special moments or events and even more.

After several months in development, we are proud to present our newest "Diaro - diary writing" app release 1.4.3. You can download it from Android Market or here.

We will be glad to hear from you: suggestions, bugs, your expierence with "Diaro - diary writing" app.

Also don't forget our other applications.

Leave us a message in the New Year!